The Animal Hospital of Northwood offers a full service boarding facility that is veterinarian and veterinary staff supervised. Our staff is trained to closely monitor pets for any signs of health concerns by keeping daily records of appetite, eliminations and abnormal behavior. With a highly trained staff, we are able to provide boarding care for pets with special medical needs and we can maintain regular medication schedules that your pet needs.

Our small volume boarding facility allows our staff to provide individual attention to each guest. Our dedicated and long term staff recognize many of our guests by name, knowing their individual personalities and preferences.

Boarding Consent Form

Our boarders get individual attention.
The Animal Hospital of Northwood boarding fees reflect quality care by highly trained, dedicated staff with an unsurpassed level of concern for your pet. If you have any questions about our fees, please ask.

Dog Boarding Accommodations:


  • 3 guided nature walks daily (more if necessary)
  • Room service
  • Elevated cots with fleece for larger guests
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Fresh bedding daily (more if needed)
  • Climate controlled for all seasons
  • Fresh water all day
  • Treats (if approved)
  • Text photos and updates (requires cell number)
  • Regular one-on-one interaction with our caring staff
  • Unconditional love every day

Cat Boarding Accommodations:

Our Feline guests enjoy a separate area away from their canine friends for maximum quiet, comfort and relaxation.

  • Fresh bedding daily (more if needed)
  • Room Service
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Herbal Therapy (cat nip) is available on request
  • Fresh water all day
  • Fresh litter daily
  • Text photos and updates (requires cell number)
  • Regular one-on-one interaction with our caring staff
  • Unconditional love every day

Our guests boarding experiences are all inclusive with the exception of medical services.


Guidelines for Pet Boarding:

The Animal Hospital of Northwood is a flea and tick free environment. For it to remain that way, we require all pets entering the animal hospital to be pest free. For your convenience we will gladly apply prevention, the fee will be added to boarding.

We welcome all pets to our boarding facility. Proof of current vaccines are required prior to boarding in order to keep all our guests healthy.

Dogs: Dhpp Rabies and Bordetella
Cats: FVRCP, Rabies

To ensure the safety of our employees and other boarders, the Animal Hospital of Northwood reserves the right to refuse boarding services to pets that might create a danger. Dogs or cats with a history of biting will not be allowed to board at the Animal Hospital of Northwood. We’re proud to provide dog boarding, cat boarding and warm, individualized attention to ensure your pet has a wonderful time during their stay.

Boarding Prices:

Boarding prices are based on pet’s weight so your pet can be placed in the appropriate size facility to ensure a comfortable stay.

$17 per night

<25lbs $20.35 per night
25-44lbs $22.35 per night
45-69lbs $24.35 per night
70+lbs $26 per night