As technological advances lead us into an even more exciting future the world of diagnostic imaging is no exception. Digital radiography is a modern method of obtaining x-ray images that use electronic sensors and a digital capturing device in place of traditional photographic film. Digital radiography uses x-ray sensitive plates that directly captures the data and immediately transfers it to a computer screen. The processing speed of digital radiographs allows for immediate viewing of the image. We then have the ability to zoom in and change contrast for better imagery.

Radiographs are a non-invasive procedure for taking pictures of bones and organs.
Digital radiography allows for better images while also using less radiation. This makes obtaining images a safer procedure for your pet and also for our veterinary staff. Digital radiography is also quicker, allowing for speedier acquisition of images. This means that your pet will appreciate not having to hold still while lying on their side or their back for as long as with old fashioned non-digital x-rays. It also allows our veterinarians to diagnose conditions and initiate treatment faster.

Radiography is often the first line of diagnosis used to detect a variety of disorders such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bladder stones
  • Cardiomegaly (enlarged heart)
  • Foreign objects
  • Broken bones

We commonly use a board-certified radiologist to review x-rays via telemedicine so you can be sure your pet is receiving the highest level of care.

The Animal Hospital of Northwood recommends x-rays as part of a preventative measure in routine senior exams.