We are excited to introduce our new associate, Dr. Grennon, who loves to see exotic pets!

Exotic Veterinarian in Safety Harbor

Our exotic veterinarian and nursing staff at the Animal Hospital of Northwood are highly-skilled and knowledgeable in treating an expansive and wide range of animals. Exotic species require special care to live long and healthy lives; they often have complex husbandry requirements.

Each exotic species has its own specific needs for housing, environment, and nutrition. Exotic animals are adept at masking symptoms of disease and illness until very late in the course of their condition so regular weight checks are very beneficial. We recommend a wellness exam when you first get your pet so our exotic veterinarian can provide guidance on husbandry, nutrition, and enrichment.

Then your exotic pet should have an annual preventative exam each year thereafter. If your exotic pet becomes sick we are able to perform many of the same diagnostics as we do on dogs and cats like x-rays and bloodwork.

Exotic animals our exotic veterinarian sees:
Rabbits • Guinea pigs/ rodents • Snakes • Lizards •
Hedgehogs • Ferrets • Turtles/ tortoises

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Zoo Animals

At the Animal Hospital of Northwood, animal welfare is at the heart of what we do. It is not unheard of for visitors to our hospital to see a tiger, leopard, or cougar cub that is being seen by our exotic veterinarian for their first veterinary exam. The health and medical needs of zoo animals are assessed in a similar way to domestic animals. However, special equipment and expertise are required to work with these animals. Often zoo animals that require treatment can be cared for at their own facility. More complicated cases may be brought to our hospital to been seen by our exotic veterinarian. We work with small zoos and private collections to improve the standards of veterinary care for many endangered species.


The Animal Hospital of Northwood also serves as a resource for our community when dealing with orphaned and injured wildlife. Our exotic veterinarian works closely with the Florida Wildlife Commission to ensure that all state and federal laws are followed. When wildlife is brought in and medical treatment is instituted, our goal is to release these patients back into their native habitat. If further care is needed, we have a licensed wildlife rehabber on staff. Our exotic veterinarian works closely with the Audubon Society, Wildlife Rescue and Rehab, McGough Park, and the Florida Wildlife Commission. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife please call our office before taking it from the wild.