Conventional Laser Therapy has been a safe, non-toxic option for more than 25 years. Having been tested by more than 3,000 scientific publications, it is a proven, effective approach. Until recently, Laser Therapy was unable to treat deep-seated pathologies, due to the need to limit power to low or medium. Today, being used as either monotherapy or complementary therapy, we have a more advanced technology that overcomes previous limitations. MLS Harmony Therapy gives practicing Veterinarians the ability to leverage the benefits associated with laser therapy, without challenges of the past.

MLS Harmony Therapy

therapeuticlaser-imgSo what exactly is MLS Harmony Therapy? It is a laser therapy used to treat pain, inflammation, and edema. It can also be used to repair superficial lesions. Historically, no laser therapy has been historically unable to treat inflammation and edema while simultaneously acting to relieve pain. Continuous Laser emissions are quick-acting for inflammation by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, and helping induce fast re-absorption of fluids; however, are less effective in the analgesic realm, and leave the pain to linger. Pulsed Laser emissions have been an alternative for those seeking to treat the pain. The pulses interfere with the brain’s reception of the pain impulse, creating an immediate reduction of pain for the animal. However, Pulsed Laser emissions are less effective for the treatment of inflammation and edema, as results are only achieved through prolonged application.

MLS Therapy is a new alternative that overcomes the limits of prior laser emissions types. It uses an MLS pulse, which combines and synchronizes emission of continuous and pulsed Laser emissions with different infrared wavelengths. These emissions are synchronized with a patented control system, generating a highly effect MLS pulse.

With the combined results of two previous Laser Treatments, pet owners are now given a quicker, more effective alternative to treat their furry friends as quickly as possible, and with little pain. MLS is the first Laser Treatment that can guarantee effectiveness and short treatment times when repairing superficial lesions, and treating numerous osteo-muscular system diseases.