The Animal Hospital of Northwood is equipped to handle both routine and complex surgical procedures, from elective spays and neuters to sophisticated soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. We can even utilize board certified specialist surgeons if needed. Our veterinarians at the Animal Hospital of Northwood provide individualized anesthetic and pain management protocols for each patient undergoing surgery. Pain medication is administered prior to and post-surgery to ensure your pets comfort as well as to speed their recovery.

Many patients are able to return home the same day, while more complex surgeries may require additional hospitalization.

All patients are examined prior to anesthesia and surgery and will have a pre-anesthetic blood profile performed. This testing can significantly reduce medical risk and insure your pet’s health and safety.
Surgical patients will have an intravenous catheter placed. During surgery IV fluids are administered through-out the procedure. These fluids help maintain blood pressure and protect against dehydration. All surgical patients are monitored for temperature, oxygen level, EKG, heart rate, blood pressure and CO2 levels during surgery by a trained and dedicated technician. Post-surgical patients are closely monitored as they recover. Stop by and ask for a tour of our surgery suite.

The Animal Hospital of Northwood is accepting new patients from the Safety Harbor, Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Oldsmar area. We would be happy to help your pet.